Green Skibbereen has been established to address the challenge of moving to low carbon energy through actively engaging, educating and facilitating a whole community approach that is driven by local people, businesses and organisations rather than top down, one size fits all schemes that can struggle to reach rural areas.

We aim to promote awareness and understanding of the need for community action on climate change in Skibbereen & West Cork and encourage the uptake of  renewable energy and energy efficiency measures by the local community.

This will have the effect of helping participants save money on bills, reducing emissions and contributing to a broader community supported transition to sustainable development for the town and the surrounding areas.

We will work in partnership with other organisations and interests in developing flagship projects and programmes that will develop Skibbereen and West Cork as a model for community action on climate change and sustainable and equitable development.

Green Skibbereen was established in November 2019 following a public meeting in the town. The Steering Committee meets frequently and a company limited by guarantee has been registered with the CRO.

We aim to raise awareness, and active participation in schemes to encourage a sustainable “whole community” transition to cleaner, sustainable energy use for homes and businesses. We are developing a strategy to position Skibbereen as a centre of sustainable development and climate action, including a new centre as a major climate action hub for local, National and International training, development and advocacy in the heart of West Cork.


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